How Does A Company Define Bereavement Time?

With every organization, there are a whole lot of policies that makes it easy for any employee to keep a balance between work and personal life. The bereavement time is one policy that is being practiced by companies to allow both paid as well as unpaid employees certain time off from their work when any of their friend, family member or relative dies. The leave is granted to make necessary arrangements, effectively pay tribute to the family or visit their place, be a part of the funeral and burial, deal with the will and possessions of the deceased. There are also many ancillary matters that any individual may address when any of their loved ones or friend dies; a bereavement time is just perfect for such situation.

What is the policy?

As mentioned that the bereavement time is a leave that is granted when any closed ones die, but the number of leave may vary from one group to another. Normally it is approximately three days in case there is death for any immediate family member. For other relatives or even friends few companies provide paid bereavement time of one day. There are few organizations that provide employees with unpaid days of leave just to deal with few norms or rituals for the deceased family. In case the employee is solely responsible for conducting all duties and other affairs for the family of the deceased, the company can grant an unpaid time leave for several weeks, if necessary.

Type of bereavement leaves available

There is bereavement leave within every company or firm, but to avail such facility, the employee needs to be associated with the company for at least six months period or else, such leaves are not granted. However with special grants company may allow the employee to take such leave. Especially the leave is granted to regular employees who have been associated with the firm on a regular basis for six months. There is however lots of policies within few firms to qualify for bereavement leave. The employee should have six months of employment with the firm and been working on an average for around 10 hours every week.

However, with almost all companies the number of paid bereavement leave is three days, and that is only the case when any of their closed one dies, such like grandparents, parents, brothers or sisters. Such leave is available anytime, and the employee needs to just inform the concerned authority regarding such demise of closed ones. However, the rule changes for individual who is not immediate close to the employee. There is a paid bereavement time of one day when someone not immediate to your family dies. However, with special consideration, few firms may grant leave for three to four days in individual cases when an employee needs to conduct some arrangements for the deceased family or other members.

There are different rules or policies for every company when it comes to bereavement time; it is important to learn such policies so that any employee can make use of it.


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