What Kinds Of Nurse Training Programs Are There?

With the increasing demand and the popularity of nursing courses, lots of institutions or universities are coming up that offer huge round of nurse training and other facilities. However, there are different nursing programs and for every student it is important to select the one that interests them or draws their attention. There are several divisions, and it is mainly based on your career goal or aim that will help you to choose the appropriate nursing course. The current lifestyle and the time frame is of utmost importance while selecting the proper nursing program. Once you decide for the right nursing course, you are all set to start a successful nursing career ahead. As the popularity of nursing is rising day by day, many reputed colleges and universities are offering nursing course all over the world.

Licensed Practical Nursing

4This program allows an individual to finish the nursing course within the shortest period, around one-year maximum. It is also called vocational nursing and the training is provided after the program is completed to any nearby hospital. It is easy and affordable for students as the candidate needs to invest one year of time, and there are no other obligations. There are few colleges offering online courses based on their schedule.

Associate Science in Nursing (ASN)

This is a fulltime entry level nursing course or degree. The graduates are allowed to apply for the license as the registered Nurse and also sit for NCLEX-RN. There are many colleges offering such nursing courses and is quite familiar in the field.

Baccalaureate Science Nursing (BSN)

This is a four-year academic course based on nursing and various other principles that help nurse to train them and make them efficient to deal with every situation. There are different teams helping the individual to learn all basics, to incorporate leadership skills, carry out research in the field and pursue nursing education. Graduates are then allowed to apply for registered nurse license and sit for NCLEX-RN.

Master Science in Nursing (MSN)

This is an advanced level course for nurses and especially for the registered ones. However, there are master science degrees available for entry level program as well for individual having degree in other fields, later needs to take the licensure examination. This course is for individuals in looking to become a specialist in the field, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Midwife, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner or even Clinical Nurse Leader.

Doctor Nursing Practice (DNP)

This is another advanced level program associated with nursing that is mainly based on or focusing on clinical aspects of nursing or related practices in spite of conducting academic researches just like Ph.D. program. The program helps or prepares any nurse to become efficient and follow up advanced practicing in the field.

Doctor Nursing Science (DNS)

This particular course emphasizes on research of nursing science. Graduates are trained and prepared as scholars with leadership skills and other influences to change the health care system.

Those were the different courses offered within any nurse training program.

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