Which Common Cold Remedies Work?

oldommon Cold is very frequent and occurs mostly when the weather changes. For such problems, it is more important to take the help of home remedies rather running after doctors or physicians. There are various such common cold remedies that can help you to overcome the problem and make you feel much better. However, not most common cold remedies work instantly but once you take or follow some effective treatments you can get instant and quick result. Even experts believe that home remedies are more effective than getting medical or drugs to control such problem.

Standard remedies to control cold

There are quite a few common remedies but few are the best. And these really. The best way to start is to drink lots of water or fluids that can be juice or normal water. This will help in preventing dehydration and break congestion making your throat moist. Once you are suffering from cold try to drink as much fluid or herbal tea as possible. Prefer to have chicken soup that may prove helpful treating common cold. Steam inhaling can help you to make breathe easy and avoid drippy nose. Keep yourself over boiling water and easily breathe through the nose. Breathe slowly as excessive heat may burn your nose.


Whenever you are suffering from common cold, make sure you blow your nose quite often. Rather than sniffing all the time, it is always important to blow nose on a regular basis. If you blow your nose hard, pressure carrying all germs can get back through ear passages that may result in earache. The best way to do it is to hold your finger over the nostril and blow gently to clear. Make own saline water or sprays to clean nose. Salt water rinse tends to break the nasal congestion thereby removing all viruses, as well as bacteria from your nose. Whenever suffering from cold, make sure you have sufficient rest and keep yourself warm. It helps your body get energy to fight back against the virus. Stay warm just by lying under a blanket and warm yourself for some time.

Consider taking some supplements

As a part of common cold remedies, it is also suggested to have some supplements to provide you relief. There are various supplements like Echinacea, zinc and vitamin c that can help you provide relief from such problem. Try to restrict the number of people you interact and by that way you can ensure cold is not divided amongst other members or within the family. Cover your mouth with a price of cloth so that germs are not spread while you sneeze or cough. Such common home remedies or treatments can help you get instant relief and overcome the problem. If there is no significant change, you can seek the help of professionals or physicians. With prescribed medicine, you can get relief from common cold problems. Normally with home remedies and bit of care most common severe problems are easily solved.

Getting to school is hard if you’re suffering from colds. The best way is to take a lot of rest and plenty of water. You can use a dr. note that can be printed to excuse yourself from being absent even if you’re just into self-medication. These conditions are common but should not be taken for granted. When you have a child, do not risk his comfort By pressuring him to go to school because just like any adult your child needs rest to recover.

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